Our focus is Government (Public Sector) business development, capture management, and proposal management in Federal, State, and Local markets

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Government Aggregator curates Government (Public Sector) business development, capture management, and proposal management content from various online sources for the last 7 days and displays it in a single location for your convenience.

Government Aggregator is a selection of useful and insightful online sources covering public sector news and analysis for government leaders and employees, citizens, IT professionals, and contractors.

In this selection of online sources you will find traditional and trade publications, agency sites, professionals who understand the public sector, upstart media blogs, consulting companies (BD, Capture, and Proposal specialists) and many things in between. Its well-rounded and representative of the various online sources focusing on public sector business development, capture management, and proposal management.

We ALWAYS give full credit and linking to the original source.

Government Aggregator will not cover opportunity information easily found on FBO.GOV, GovWin from Deltex, and a host of other sites and paid services.

Shortly, we will offer subscribers a way to sift through the online sources listed on Government Aggregator, in real time, and receive by email the top pieces of content focusing on a specific topic or subject of their choosing, such as CIO-SP3, VETS 2 GWAC, proposal writing, capture plan, and so on. This type of focus is generally not a feature of the other media outlets. Stay tuned.

If we have missed a resource, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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