Built in the spirit of America’s top tech startups, 18F (GSA) is a team of top-notch designers, developers, and product specialists inside the General Services Administration, headquartered at 18 and F streets in Washington, D.C.
The team is available for short- and long-term engagements with federal agencies, the D.C. government, and to assist with projects that receive federal grants to state and local agencies. The team can work with you to explore and define a variety of problems, and then it can help you build or buy a solution.
Because of the team’s limited resources, it is not able to take on every project that agencies propose. The team selects projects through a qualification and evaluation process led by its Agency Partnerships Team. You can read more about how 18F works with other agencies in its Partnership Playbook.
18F is a cost-recoverable office, which means that it does not receive appropriated funds from Congress and must charge its partner agencies to cover its costs. Funding is set up through Interagency Agreements.


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