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Material Misrepresentation in Offeror’s Proposal

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The Coast Guard issued a solicitation for a fixed-price task order for project management, technical support, and logistics services for its Aviation Logistics Center. The solicitation required offerors to submit resumes for all positions, which the Government would evaluate to determine whether the qualifications and experience met or exceeded the position requirements. The Coast Guard received six proposals and after reviewing them, established a competitive range consisting of Sev1Tech and STI-TEC. Ultimately, the award went to STI-TEC whereupon Sev1Tech appealed contending that STI-TEC’s proposal contained a material misrepresentation in that it proposed personnel for which it did not have a reasonable expectation would be available for performance under the task order.

Source: PNWC’s Government Contracting Update: Material Misrepresentation in Offeror’s Proposal

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