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Update of DCAA’s Incurred Cost Proposal Checklist

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DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) recently updated its incurred cost proposal adequacy checklist. Its available for download here. The fundamental requirements of the annual incurred cost proposal are found in the Allowable Cost and Payment Clause at FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) 52.216-7(d)(2)(iii). There are 15 items listed – numbered (A) through (O) – which correspond to Schedules A through O in DCAA’s Excel Incurred Cost Model. DCAA has taken these 15 items and created a checklist comprised of 47 questions that auditors use while reviewing contractor submissions for adequacy. The Agency has made this checklist public so that contractors can self-assess their proposals prior to submitting them to the Government.

Source: PNWC’s Government Contracting Update: Update of DCAA’s Incurred Cost Proposal Checklist

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